Online Concert 

  October 3, 2020 - 20:00 Hrs

Ticket: $ 100 Pesos (MXN)

Ticket + Greet: $ 280 Pesos (MXN)

Ticket + Album: $ 180 Pesos (MXN)





Actress, director and singer, she created a new style of cabaret, which she has called "Heavy Nopal", by merging singing and various musical genres with theater and the visual arts.

She interprets the popular repertoire, adding texts and songs that she composes, acting and using visual effects through a spectacular wardrobe that she designs and that changes up to 14 times
during his show.

Throughout 33 years of career, he presented his shows in 28 countries on all continents.
Its latest functions include:


-3 nights at the Eldorado Festival Lille, France June 6, 7 and 8, 2019.


-Concert at the Museum of Mexican Art Chicago, June 2019

-Presentation at the Metropolitan Museum in New York of an unpublished show created to accompany the exhibition "PIXIT MEXICO" in April 2018

-Opening of the Pacific Standard Time Festival, organized by the Paul Getty Museum at the Mayan Theater, Los Angeles, USA. and a Masterclass at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles.

Her unclassifiable proposal led her to be part of events as diverse as Dance festivals (Lyon, France), Body Art (Venezuela), Performance (USA, Colombia), Theater (Colombia, Germany, Switzerland, Ecuador ...), Music (Denmark, Ireland, Sweden, China, Italy, Portugal, Lebanon, Australia. South Africa ...) Art (Mexico, Boston Art Museums, Detroit, Chicago, Austin, Los Angeles, Canada, France ...) and of course Cabaret.

After having acted in the first film by Alfonso Cuarón "Alone with your partner", he appears in projects as diverse as the exceptional participation in the next film by Mathias Malzieu, author of "The Mechanics of the Heart" which will be called "Une sirène à Paris"; it is part of Marc Ribot's protest album: “Songs of resistance” with the song “Two-legged rat”, an album in which Tom Waits cooperates;
was in the transfer of photos for the English edition of Vogue magazine, under the direction of Tim Walker who requested it with various pieces of his wardrobe ...

As the Spanish art magazine “Matador” writes:
“Subversive, immodest, funny, Astrid Hadad is a cabaret. The most Mexican and, at the same time, the most critical. Specialist in articulating sarcasms and smiles, her show explodes in the face of the viewer. A bomb. "







Astrid Hadad will present different themes from her musical career including the most iconic ones, which are part of her already traditional repertoire, in an acoustic version and now under the online format.