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Format: Online Theater | Duration: 40 minutes | Cost: $ 100 Pesos (MXN)



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Juan Zepeda, Director and General Producer of Mecenas Producciones, undertook the task of writing this play, to be presented in this new online theater format with the name "The Society in Quarantine", from the staging with More than twenty years of trajectory called "The Indomitable Society" uses the same characters now in confinement.


Aldo, Lizbeth, Víctor, Violeta, Juan and Professor Trejo, are the protagonists of this story that exposes us in the feelings of youth, in a not so unsuccessful attempt of online class using as the main tool a well-known video conference platform, within the daily life of the conversation arise the problems and personal and family conflicts that they face, and the search for answers characteristic of adolescence. Their perceptions, fears and needs are exposed according to the personality of each young person without being far from the reality of many adolescents today, and together they reach a conclusion about how to face life itself. Reflection, irony and frankness open the doors to the emotions of these boys and they accompany us to understand from their perspective, how they have lived the days of this compulsory confinement, which leads them to be closer to situations than in their normal life rather, they avoided.


It leaves a message about the importance of communication, the attitude with which we live and invites us to eliminate certain barriers that adults and young people put up without realizing how they affect our closest relationships.



Actor and singer with extensive experience in musical theater, he has participated in various professional productions, including: Regina, El Diluvio Que Viene, ¡Que Plantón !, Spamalot, Annie, Los Locos Addams, Ayolante, Let's Have Sex In Peace and Jesus Christ the Super Star, among others.

His studies include various institutions and teachers such as: LeshekSawadka (National Conservatory of Music), Armando Mora, Alfredo Portilla, Juan Navarro (INBA).

On television he has participated in the series: La Querida Del Centauro 2T, El Señor De Los Cielos 6T and Operación Pacifico.

In dubbing: he is the Official Voice of Scar in “The Lion King” 2019, of Homero Addams in “Los Locos Addams” 2019 and of Conal in “Malefica 2”, for Mexico and Latin America.


Alberto Garmassi

Actor graduated from ARGOS CasAzul in 2009, he recently starred in "Sobreamor", an original series from Televisa Digital for blim.tv and co-starred in the series "Julia vs Julia", a Televisa series for its comedy bar, as well as participating in projects for Telemundo, ONCETV and Cadena 3.

In cinema, in addition to working on various short films, he participated in the feature film "Cuatro Lunas" under the direction of Sergio Tovar Velarde.

He has worked in theater with directors such as: Rina Rajlevsky ("Media Barba"), Mario Cortes (Valientes), Diego Beares ("Tennis"), Ignacio Flores de la Lama ("Let the infinite remain without stars"), Cristobal García -Naranjo ("The Last Saturday of June"), Martin Acosta ("The XII Night" and "Las Galas del Difunto") and Felipe Fernández del Paso ("Sicario"), among others.


Paulina Flores

Actress from Mexico City; He began his acting studies at the Virginia Fábregas Theater School 2008 - 2009, in 2010 he took the Musical Theater course in the Front Row with Eduardo Partida. 2011 - 2015 she develops as a driver and model for different brands.

2016 - 2018 begins acting studies at the MM Studio Academy of the multi-award winning and recognized Actress Patricia Reyes Espíndola.

February - August 2019 Participate as a cast in the Enamorandonos program produced by Teleset for TV Azteca.

April - June 2019 Joins as a talent, together with actress Daniela Luján, the Social Responsibility Work "Enemigos de Papel" in the National Program for the social prevention of violence and crime. Production Group Premier

May - July 2019 is integrated as main host of the capsules "Tesoros de México" under the production of Group Premier for Univisión.

November 2019 she participated as an actress in the DocEmotions commercial.

December 2019 is integrated as host to "In Concert" capsules in backstage and image enhancement for the artistic events of the Teopanzolco Theater and Producciones Group Premier

He has participated in play such as. The Taming of the Shrew, Peter Pan "A Day in Never Never" The Tour with Daniela Luján and Juan Carlos "El Borrego" Nava, produced by Group Premier.


Rhené Liceaga

Actor and singer born in La Paz, Baja California Sur, has an important preparation in the vocal, histrionic and choreographic fields. His artistic studies of jazz and hip hop took place at the Brea Dance Studio in Los Angeles, California. In singing, her development at the Autonomous University of Baja California stands out and, in acting, the improvement was in charge of Norma Angélica Rodríguez and Miguel Ángel Ferriz. In theater he has been part of important productions such as Hoy No Me Podemos Levantar, Que Plantón !, Vaselina and Jesus Christ the Super Star. On television he was part of the 4th Generation of La Academia de Televisión Azteca, a company for which he also worked in the interpretation of numerous leading roles in the series Lo Que Callamos Las Mujeres and La Vida Es Una Canción. Likewise, he has been a dancer for artists such as Sentidos Opuestos, Mónica Naranjo, and performed choirs for RocioBanquells and Fey. He was signed to Sony BMG releasing his first discographic material with the LAIF group. In cinema you can see it in the movie No Manches Frida 2.


Indira Galo

Actress graduated from Argos CasAzul and the Gonzalo Correa Art and Comedy Center. He has participated in more than 40 performances including "Don Juan Tenorio" alongside Miriam Higareda. He has participated in various television campaigns and in the Fotograma series "Mutantes". Winner of the Fitu Award for Supporting Actress. Currently dedicated to the Theater.


Adrian Villanueva

Actor from Torreón Coahuila. He began his acting studies with Gerardo Moscoso's stable theater group in Torreón Coahuila. He has a diploma in the Nazas theater taught by teachers from the National School of Theater Art (INBA).

He studied acting at CasAzul (Argos Performing Arts) in Mexico City. She starred in the documentary "La noche de Iguala" under the direction of Raúl Quintanilla. He led the cast of the short film 45 degrees in the shade, a short film that has participated in important festivals such as the Quito Festival, Ecuador, the Latino Film Festival, San Diego and Fenacine. I recently filmed “So much rice for so little chicken” alongside the leading actress Ofelia Medina. He has participated in series such as La Casa de las Flores T3 (Netflix), La Doña T2 (Telemundo), El Hotel de los Secretos, José José, El Príncipe de la Canción, Sin Traces de Ti, La Guzmán, El Chema, Amo Despertar With you, among others.

In theater he has participated in projects such as: “Hotel de Leyendas Victoria (T1, T2) under the direction of Hugo Arrevillaga In the Opera“ Aida ”under the direction of Rennier Piñero. Among other staging.








Professor Trejo (Roberto Pisano) and the boys from the Violeta class (Indira Galo), Lizbeth (Paulina Flores), Víctor (Alberto Garmassi), Juan (Rhené Liceaga) and Aldo (Adrián Villanueva), give their essence and energy to these 40 minutes of relief and conjecture that seek to impact the minds of young people and adults to achieve a conscious reflection on what “we had to live”.